Food, Water, and Sanitation

The University of Minnesota (the University) is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its students, faculty, staff and visitors through effective environmental health protection. University Health and Safety (UHS) is responsible for environmental health preventative activities in the areas of food safety and water, housing and pest sanitation. UHS works in partnership with various departments within the University system and with the University Public Health Officer as necessary to achieve its objectives.

All University faculty, staff, students, and visitors are affected by this policy; particularly, individuals who eat in campus dining facilities, live in University housing, use University swimming or therapeutic pools, and/or drink water supplied by University fixtures. In addition, all staff who work in University dining or housing facilities, and staff charged with maintenance of those facilities are impacted.

Food Safety

Complaints regarding possible foodborne illness incidents should be directed to UHS at (612) 626-6002, or alternatively, to the MN Department of Health (MDH) (877) 366-3455. Individuals on campus responsible for food service and dining facility operation are to comply to all federal and state standards for food safety. Licensing, permitting, and inspecting food prepared at, or brought onto University campuses is the responsibility of UHS. The University will enforce the Minnesota Food Code (MN Rules Chapter 4626) as its official food code.

Water Sanitation

Drinking Water Quality

Individuals responsible for maintenance, operation, installation or construction of any drinking water system on University property, must comply with all applicable state or federal codes and standards regarding the maintenance, operation, installation or construction of the drinking water system, to ensure that water intended for human consumption meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) water quality standards as specified in the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations.

Swimming Pool Water Quality

Individuals responsible for sanitation and basic safety requirements of University swimming pools must comply with the State of Minnesota Public Swimming Pool Rules.

Housing Sanitation

All University housing, including residence halls and apartments, must be maintained in a manner that prevents the transmission of disease and/or other conditions that constitute an environmental health hazard or nuisance.

Pest Sanitation

Units may request environmental health consultation services regarding pest control and environmental health hazard activities on campus grounds and property as needed.