Emergency Closure of Food Service Facility

Notification of Closure

If UHS determines a food facility closure is required to protect environmental or public health, the facility will receive the order in writing.

The order will:

  • Identify the food establishment
  • Describe the specific reasons why the emergency closure is needed
  • List the corrections needed before the establishment can be re-opened
  • Be issued to the owner, manager, or person in charge of operations of the premises

The person receiving the order must close the facility and request all customers to vacate. The facility will remain closed until UHS rescinds the order for emergency closure

Process to Re-Open a Closed Establishment

The establishment must:

  1. Correct all conditions that led to the emergency closure
  2. After corrections are complete, contact UHS to request an inspection
  3. UHS will conduct an inspection to verify corrections were made
  4. If conditions are met, UHS will rescind the closure order in writing

Note: Establishments cannot re-open until UHS verifies all corrections.