Department News 

March 23, 2016

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) Construction Codes and Licensing Division have recently completed the rulemaking process to adopt the 2015 Minnesota State Building Code (MSBC). The 2015 MSBC provides for the regulation and administration of all adopted codes per Minnesota rule 1300.0050. It contains the detailed provisions governing Building Official duties, department operations, permits, plan reviews, inspections, and fees. Fees are established based on the scope of the project and the construction valuation of the work to be performed. Permit fees are used to support building department administration, staffing levels, service levels, technology improvements and department overhead. With the State adoption of the 2015 MSBC, the University Building Codes Department (BCD) will be implementing permit fee increases to further support staffing and service levels, technology improvements, and more closely align our fee structure with other Minnesota municipalities and the State of Minnesota. The University has not had a fee increase since the adoption of the 1997 MSBC. BCD fees were the lowest compared to any of the University campus cities. Implementing fee increases over the next five years will allow BCD to sustain and grow capacity and staffing levels, enhance technology thru the use of electronic document review, mobile inspections and on-line inspection requests, and it will position our fees in the mid-range of our peer cities. 

July 23, 2014

The 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC) as adopted by the State of Minnesota generally requires electrical equipment be listed and labeled by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) and be approved by the local regulatory authority having jurisdiction.  Minnesota Rule 3801.3620 identifies some alternatives to national listing and labeling for non-listed equipment or for equipment manufactured outside the U.S.  In some cases where equipment is manufactured outside the U.S. or does not conform to a listing, the rule allows evaluation by an approved NRTL or a third party engineering firm provided any deficiencies identified by the evaluation are corrected. 

July 21, 2014

The upgrade for the University of Minnesota Building Code Division Accela permit system is now available.